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Lada Car Gearbox Bearings And Common Problems

The gearbox in your Lada car is a crucial part of its drivetrain. It relies on efficient gearbox bearings to operate smoothly and handle the high loads involved in transmitting power from the engine to the wheels. However, bearings can become damaged or worn over...

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2023 MIMS Automechanika Moscow Invitation

Shandong Vanlin bearing Company will attend the 2023 MIMS Automechanika Moscow, Date: 2023.8.21-2023.8.24, Booth number: 7.6 S417. Add: Экспоцентр на Красной Пресне. We will welcome for all of our customer to come, many samples and gifts already prepare for...

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Properly Maintaining Your Lada’s Suspension Components

A car's suspension system is one of the most crucial systems that directly impact comfort, stability, handling, and safety. The suspension absorbs shocks from the road and isolates the vehicle's frame and body from the wheels. It consists of shock absorbers, springs,...

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Lada Kalina Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Whether your Lada Kalina is showing signs of a wheel bearing problem or you suspect that preventative replacement may be needed, it is important to know how to diagnose and replace the front wheel bearings on this vehicle. The front wheel bearings support the front...

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Front Hub Bearings And How To Prevent Damage

The front hub bearings in your Hyundai Getz (GETZ I Front hub bearing) allow the front wheels to turn smoothly and minimize friction. However, these bearings are susceptible to damage from contamination, wear and excessive loads. Taking proper care of front hub...

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